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Strathclyde Park Rowing Club - Senior Application

We hope you have enjoyed your introduction to rowing and that you will now move on to apply for membership of the club.

Some of this page contains information which we are legally required to give you. There is also a form which we need completed.

Subscriptions are due on 1 September 2023 for the 12 months to 31 August 2024.

Subscriptions can be paid in one payment or in installments. If paid in installments, then for a full year we will allow up to five instalments, paid in the first five months of membership; for nine to seven months membership, three instalments over the first three months; for six to four months membership, two over two; and for three months or less, one payment. Payments can be made to Strathclyde Park Rowing Club, Sort code 83-15-10 , A/c 00160076 . Please reference payments with Subs (name).

To 31/08/2024
Full Year
SR Membership Fee
Ordinary PAYG
Overseas Student
Coach / Cox

For those joining part way through the year the fees will be applied pro-rata, with the exception of Coaches and Associate members. Please apply to the Treasurer for fees payable by email -

The 2023/24 indoor racking fee for privately owned boats is £ 195.

*PAYGWC - pay as you go water charges. If you should opt for this then you must pay NLC at the Watersports Centre Reception each time you go out on the water. Current charge is £ 6.40 per session. (Full club members benefit from a discount of 25% payable by the Club).

Rowing members’ subscriptions entitle them to

  • use without charge of the full range of the club’s boats and other equipment (under the Captain’s direction),
  • supervised Scottish Rowing Centre rowing tank (not operational at present), ergometer and fitness sessions in the Rowing Centre gym
  • coaching from a qualified coach.

Some optional club activities use facilities for which the users have to pay directly, and the cost has to be borne by the members taking part. Examples include:

  • regatta entry fees and transport.

The information you supply on the accompanying forms will be processed in line with our Privacy Notice and the General Data Protection Rules.

Scottish Rowing Membership

It is a requirement for all of our rowing and coaching members, whether intending to race or not, to apply for and hold Scottish Rowing Membership, (unless they already have this through membership of another club). This includes a competition licence - mandatory for taking part in open competitions. There is also an insurance element included in the SR Membership fee which covers members while participating in the sport of rowing, including aspects of the sport which would not be covered by our boat insurance policy. There is a non-competitive membership available to anyone who does not wish to race which is a little cheaper and can be upgraded at a later time if necessary.

Administration of SR Membership is done via an on-line system. This requires individuals to apply for and pay for SR Membership independently from the club. You can apply by going to:

The cost of Scottish Rowing membership is £46.50 for a Senior and £35 for a Student or Adaptive rower. The non-competitive membership is £16. The system will accept payment by debit and credit cards.

Please ensure that you apply for SR membership at the same time as you apply to join Strathclyde Park Rowing Club.

Application Form

Applicant's Details (* = required)

Click on the button if you have recently entered our beginners' Rowstart programme on-line and completed the course.

It may be essential at some time for a club official accompanying you to have the necessary authority to obtain any urgent treatment which may be required whilst at club competition or training. It is also important that club officials are made aware of any problems that may arise during training or competition and the action to be taken should such problems arise. The information gathered below will be used only for the above purposes.

Medical information Please answer Yes/No and provide further details as necessary.

Emergency contact details Please provide details of two people to contact in case of emergency

By ticking the box below I confirm that:
  • I wish to apply for Membership of Strathclyde Park Rowing Club and if admitted, agree to abide by the rules of the Club.
  • I have read and understood the accompanying Child Protection Policy, the Code of Conduct for Club Members and Safety Guidelines and agree to adhere to the rules and policies laid out therein.
  • I confirm that I am able to swim 50 metres without 'touching down' wearing light clothing. [Not applicable for Associate Members]
  • I understand that I should speak to my doctor if I am concerned about any aspect of my health with regard to undertaking physical activity.
  • I agree to pay in full the current subscription.
  • I give the accompanying club official the immediate authority on my behalf to sanction any medical or surgical treatment recommended by competent medical authorities, where it would be contrary to my interest, in the doctor's professional opinion, for any delay to be incurred by seeking my personal consent or that of my next of kin or those persons listed as Emergency contacts. [Not applicable for Associate Members]