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Routes to Membership

The route to membership depends on your age and rowing experience. Anyone born before 1 September 2003 will be a senior member and anyone born from this date onwards will be a junior. Junior rowers must be at least 12 years old.

Unless you are an experienced rower you will be required to take part in our "Rowstart", or junior "Learn to Row" programmes. More details on these courses are provided below.

If you are an experienced rower you can apply to join the club straight away, but you may find it useful to contact our Captain, or Junior Coach, for more details, especially if you're interested in training and racing in crew boats.

Some of our members are part of Brtish Rowing's "World Class Start" programme. This is a specialist talent identification programme that trains and develops athletes for the GB Rowing Team. All World Class Start athletes benefit from access to world-class coaches and facilities that support their development. More information about this is given below.

In addition to the rowing membership categories, we have coach and associate members. There is no charge for coach membership, but by joining we will maintain your contact details and you will agree to abide by the club's Code of Conduct etc. Associate members are those who have an interest in the club (e.g. past rowing members, or relatives of members) who will be kept informed of rowing and social events.

For All Rowers

We ask that you can swim 50m in light clothing and to help with this we organise a few indoor capsize drills, with an actual boat and 50m swim tests at a local swimming pool.

Cost of Membership

The membership rates for 2021-22 are as follows:

Ordinary Senior: (born before 1 September 2003) - £394

Student Senior: (as above but in full-time education) - £336

Coach / Cox: appropriate licence fee only

Junior: (born on or after 1 September 2003) - £277

Associate: anyone with a non-rowing, friendly interest in the club - £25

Please note these subscriptions are from September to August.

New members joining part way through the year may qualify for a reduced subscription.

In addition, rowing licences should be applied for and paid directly to Scottish Rowing:

Senior - £44, Student - £33

Junior - £24

Non-competitive - £12

What Next?

If you are new to rowing, or you are looking to come back from a long absence, then click on the appropriate box below.


World Class Start Programme

To hear more about our World Class Start Programme, visit the British Rowing website: or email WCS coach Tom Young at

Experienced Rowers, Coaches and Associates

If you are a competent rower, perhaps moving from another club, or you have been asked to join as a member of the World Class Start team, or if you are not seeking to be an active rower, then please fill in the on-line application form applicable for your age.


Alternatively, printable application forms can be downloaded below.

Senior Application Form 2021-22
Junior Application Form 2021-22

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